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Our Story

Originally built as a  two large Edwardian houses  on one of Lincoln's  most well know roads, The Pines, as it became known, was  converted into a  family run guesthouse in the early 1980s  and operated by Mr & Mrs Morgan.  Acquired from  the Morgans by Bond Housing Group  in 2017,  planning consent  was obtained  to convert the guesthouse into  14  studio units  and co living facilities.

Situated between West End and Uphill, the finished development  now comprises  one of Lincoln's  most popular  options for  working professionals with its large studios many of which are  available to  couples, and the development also includes  some parking and two garden studios.  

The most  stringent safety  standards and  latest technology are incorporated into the building,  with business  grade Virgin 500 mb internet and a Unifi Mesh network covering the  entire development with each studio at The Pines  also having its own data access  point. 

The Pines is now a fine co-living environment of which we can be very proud and  which caries the legacy of the Morgans hard work into the 21st century. 

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